Brain Teasers

No décor is necessary when staging events at Toronto’s newly opened Museum of Illusions. That’s because the space delivers its own mind-boggling visuals and hands-on entertainment. The museum, located in the St. Lawrence Market area, houses over 80+ exhibits featuring trapezoids, hexagons, mirrors, holograms, 3D walls and kaleidoscopes that create visual puzzles, brain-teasing conundrums and illusions of all kinds. The hands-on interaction makes for epic social-media snapshots – a walk-through a spinning vortex tunnel, a mirrored infinity room, a bottomless pit, the rotated room, and more.


There are 13 other Museum of Illusions around the world; this is Canada’s first. The museum’s premise makes for clever team-building themes about how assumptions and perceptions influence the way we perceive the world around us. Group and corporate bookings are available. Guests (100 max per hour) can wander the exhibits, drinks in hand, then enjoy a post-tour get-together in the main reception/dilemma playroom where didactic puzzles and games further stimulate learning, competition and fun. Event staffing is available for guided facilitation, food-and-beverage coordination or booking additional entertainment such as illusionists and other magical talent.

Karen Orme

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