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Start the Year with Killer Business Goals (worksheet included)

This time of year is rejuvenating because it gives all of us an opportunity to shed old skin and recalibrate our thinking. But the hype often gives way to habit. As business owners we fall back into the monotony of spending the majority of our days reacting to emails, phone calls and unanticipated ‘meetings’.

For years, I and my clients have used an effective and easy-to-use system to identify goals, create a plan and stay focused on what’s important to your business.

In this article I’ll not only share this process with you but give you a worksheet as well!  small business goals


Lara McCulloch

We're honoured to have Lara McCulloch-Carter join TSEvent's blogging team. Lara was a brand consultant with top name companies such as Cadbury-Adams, Unilever and Scotts, before heading up sales and marketing for Regal Tents, her family's business. Launching Ready2Spark, an independent consultancy, in 2009, Lara is now a pioneering force in what social media technology means to business and how to capture and integrate its marketing power. An award-winning business marketer, speaker and writer, Lara's blogs will be sure to light the way along the social media revolution highway.

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