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Top 5 ways to get the word out on your event

Toronto is a bustling metropolis of event after event after event. Invitations flood inboxes and events are frequently expected to produce monumental turnouts with influential people. Making your big day or night stand out amongst the clutter can be tricky, especially when competing events are scheduled for the same day. Here are five easy ways to attract people to your event:

Listings: Hit up local city- and culture-focused websites and look for their event calendar or click on “submit an event.” You can manually add all the details of your event, along with a jpeg photo in most cases, and the website will publish all the details. Sites like and BlogTO are great examples, but there are lots more out there.

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Social media: Spread word about your event using sites like Facebook and Twitter. Post interesting facts and stats or pose questions relevant to your event to raise public interest in what you are promoting. Use photos to illustrate what your event is all about on Tumblr or Pinterest. Most importantly, interact with your target audience and be sure to reply to all comments and questions.

Word of mouth: This kind of buzz will always remain one of the best ways to make noise, especially if the right people are talking. Call on your relationships with influential people in your industry and ask them to come to your event and tell others about it as well. The more people are talking about it, the more people will want to attend.

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Contesting: Are you low on RSVPs and need to fill a room? Offer up free tickets to the event or prize packs to claim at the event. Use social media, radio and TV for the contests, and choose outlets that target your audience. People love winning free stuff.

Blogs: If you can get a few bloggers on board whose readers are your target audience, you have an excellent shot at boosting ticket sales and attendance. Readers of blogs tend to be really loyal and trust what the blogger is writing. If a great blogger endorses your event, you should see increased interest. There just needs to be some value for the reader – the chance to experience something new, a contest, etc. – something to make it feel well-thought for their audience and not just a generic advertisement.

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These are some simple ways to get your event some great attention. Break a leg!

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