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The Top 5 Components for the Perfect RFP

Production-Notes---RFP-Top-5Like most event producers, we at maph productions have a number of proposals land in our inboxes. There is no formula for how to write a Request for Proposal, so we find that they vary dramatically. Below, we have listed our Top 5 components for the perfect RFP.

1. BUDGET: I know, you don’t quite want to give up the ghost – and what if you can save a little bit of money while you are at it? But in reality, you know exactly how much money your organization has to spend. Feel free to low ball it if you want, leaving yourself room for contingencies. But we don’t want you to fall in love with a concept that you cannot afford. And since we dream big – that tends to be the case. If you share your budget constraint, we’d reign ourselves in and give you something awesome – that you can afford.

2. THE DEETS: We need to know when you are having your event. That will allow us to determine if we’ve got room in our date book for you. Also, include the basic who (what is your target market), what (why are you throwing this par-tay?), where (the venue), when (add your schedule if it’s already been determined), and why (why are you getting these people together in the same room?)

3. THEME: We need to know what our creative parameters are. If you have a theme in mind, tell us! If not, share visual information about the company. Send us your logo, the event logo, and any inspiring pictures you’ve been pinning lately.

4. HISTORY:  What have you done in the past? Add photos if you’ve got them. Or, if you don’t have a theme yet – list the past themes you have had. That way, we won’t try to reinvent the wheel!

5. OBJECTIVES: Clear, and concise objectives for the event. What exactly do you need us to do? Ideally, in bullet points.

One final note, if this seems like more information that you want to offer, perhaps you are looking for an RFQ? In that case, you tell us what equipment you need, and we list it point by point with a quote attached at the bottom. Or, you ask for our fees and we respond. There will be nothing creative about it. It will look more like a spreadsheet, less like the beautiful proposals that we pride ourselves on.

We look forward to receiving your new and improved RFP at!


Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth discovers inspiration in some of the most unusual places, and often feels an inexplicable compulsion to share that spark of an idea with the world. So go ahead and bring that idea to your next brainstorming meeting – that is what it’s there for, after all. Want to get in touch with Elizabeth? Contact her at Production Canada.
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