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Rustic Holiday Cocktail Party

84230605010 birch candle holderNow, I am sure every wedding planner out there is tired of hearing the term: RUSTIC. However, it is still a hot trend amongst clients. And because of that, suppliers are now offering rustic décor items for the holiday season. And so are the stores! Rustic is everywhere, so clients are going to demand it this holiday season.

Let’s create an intimate office holiday cocktail party at the beautiful classic brick and beam Storys Building in downtown Toronto. The building has incredible hardwood floors with some “history” built into them, exposed brick walls, and lovely wooden beams in the ceiling. The venue lends itself to a rustic holiday bash.

The trick is, however, that guests need to climb stairs to get to their party. So guide guests through the building using paper bags with trees cut out of them and line the stairwells. Add a cobblestone decal up the stairs, rather than your typical red carpet.

Once guests turn the corner into the party itself, wow them with a beautiful wall of birch trees. Use this to create a dramatic entrance into the room, but also use it as a step and repeat for guest photos!

Once guests step around the wall, they will be greeted with a fantastic rustic holiday experience. Rent Divine’s new rustic furniture line for seating. They have classic old worn leather couches and reclaimed wood coffee tables for your lounge areas. Grab the cozy sheepskin rugs from Ikea and place those on the back of the couches. Top surfaces with birch bark candles to warm up the space.

Combine this rustic seating with cruiser tables so guests have plenty of space to put their food down. Top the tables with a combination of pine and birch bark. Add candles too!

Create a stunning “forest” of palette trees from Studio Specialties as the focal point of your room. Two of each different size should be enough (six in total). Place them to the left and right of your bar, in groups of three. This adds dramatic heights to your showpiece, and gives it some visual interest. Top the “trees” with snow if you feel so inclined.

Schedule the event so it starts after dinner, to avoid needing classic 60” rounds in the space. Keep guests on their feet, mingling. Add a cocoa station to the room, opposite the bar as a fun interactive element. Hire a DJ for the evening, and ask them to dress the part. I’m thinking of some classic flannel and a cozy toque. As a matter of fact, get your servers to wear the same so the rustic feeling moves throughout the room all night long.

There you have it. Combine a few classic pieces from different suppliers and you have a rustic holiday party. Want some more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board here: And if you decide to have a rustic holiday party this year, be sure to send me your pics! I’d love to see them.

Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth Nutting

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