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Pantone Colour of the Year: Marsala

tumblr_m2kzhcZVyu1r3y2nqo1_500The creative mind is a curious thing. I learned that Pantone identified their new colour of the year as Marsala late last week. And all weekend I’ve been dreaming of Indian food. Why Indian you ask? Well, despite the fact that Marsala is a fine Italian wine, my mind decided that chicken masala was delicious. And what is more beautiful than a table covered in Indian food? Well, it turns out Indian spices are even more striking that the food they create…

Let’s pick a snowy winter’s evening. (We will control the weather in this hypothetical situation. I mean, why not?!?) And invite guests to the stunning Galleria Italia (you know, the room that looks like a boat hull) in the Art Gallery of Ontario. (Technically you cannot do a sit down dinner in this space, but this isn’t real life people, so let’s go for it!)

ea0a1f03580a235d1d16d8892283af33As guests walk into the doorways of the Galleria, they will be immersed in the dramatic, earthy Indian spiced tones highlighted by the unique wood design. Candlelight will enhance the feeling of warmth. Golden hued lights will be focused up the curved wooden beams of the room to showcase the architecture. The room will be dim so guests have the opportunity to enjoy the snow falling outside while they eat.

A super long table will follow the Southern wall of the galleria. This table will be covered in Beverly Hills Pashmina coloured linens to represent the basket that the spices are sold in. A tablescape will fill the centre of the table, following the entire length of it. A mix of peonies, orchids and beautiful succulents will showcase the Marsala and dusty green colours. They will be placed in ornate vintage vases of varying heights and sizes. Votives and candelabras will be placed throughout. Oh, and don’t forget the spices – there is no reason why you cannot place the spices in your tablescape. Use them to line a clear glass vase, place them in small beautiful bowls, or just sprinkle them along the tablecloth. But be sure to use them!

LaniElias_GarnetShoot_2Mismatched antique gold chargers will line the place settings with vintage cut crystal glassware. These different table settings will add to the varying heights along the table. Top the chargers with dark burgundy napkins and tiny posies of golden yellow ranunculus to get that colour of curry in the room. Line the table with gold Chivari chairs to enhance the long linear line of the tables.

And, while some elements are certainly missing – there you have it! A Marsala – masala – Indian spices inspired event! Check out my Pinterest board for some visuals:

Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth Nutting

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