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Not on Google Plus? BIG mistake.

Most event planners I’ve talked to have been very hesitant to embrace Google Plus, Google’s social networking site. The main reason? It feels like Facebook, without your established network, a few unfamiliar tools thrown into the mix…and, let’s be honest, who needs yet another social network to worry about?

Well, Facebook has a pool of about 850 million users, but billions of people perform billions of searches every single day. And based on a new search feature Google just released in the US that gives priority to Google Plus content, if you want to be found online, it would be a mistake to ignore Google Plus.

Lara McCulloch

We're honoured to have Lara McCulloch-Carter join TSEvent's blogging team. Lara was a brand consultant with top name companies such as Cadbury-Adams, Unilever and Scotts, before heading up sales and marketing for Regal Tents, her family's business. Launching Ready2Spark, an independent consultancy, in 2009, Lara is now a pioneering force in what social media technology means to business and how to capture and integrate its marketing power. An award-winning business marketer, speaker and writer, Lara's blogs will be sure to light the way along the social media revolution highway.

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