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Missing Our Favourite Places

blog-imageWe don’t realize how much we take for granted until it goes MIA — missing in action. Take, for example, the wonderful venues where we’ve hosted so many amazing events over the years. And travel … oh how we miss you!

No pandemic can prevent us from allowing our minds to wander back to some of our favourite places and spaces where we’ve hosted events and groups. Here are just a few work journey memories from aNd’s team:

Sunset-4.JPG Farm-to-flight-Apple-box-and-coupon-(1).jpg

Kelowna, BC, Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada’s Financial and Operations Advisory Section Conference (IIROC FOAS) from Sandra
Kelowna is a gorgeous city, from the sunsets over the many vineyards to the locals welcoming you with a smile and a helping hand. Our golfers picked fresh fruit off trees while heading to the next hole, while others enjoyed private wine tastings with a sommelier. The hands-on engagement continued through to their journey home, with the Farm to Flight program that lets travellers take home delicious Kelowna fruit to share with family and friends.

TCC-Room.jpg Cosmetics-Reg-(1).jpg

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Conference from Megan
The TCC team in Calgary is always a pleasure to work with, from the initial planning stages through to the event and post-event. The staff is easily reachable and work really well together to accomplish your event goals.

CARSTAR-Best-Multi-Day-Incentive-Day-1-Wrigley-Feild.jpg CARSTAR-Best-Multi-Day-Incentive-Day-1-Walking-Wrigley-Field.jpg

Wrigley Field, CARSTAR Acceleration Conference from Madi
Chicago’s Wrigley Field is an iconic location. Home to the Chicago Cubs, this high profile, unforgettable venue created a wow factor for all attendees. This venue has something for everyone, from young to young at heart, baseball fan or not. The resulting event was an inclusive, entertaining, and unique experience that all attendees enjoyed and will never forget.

Proscenium-Arch-Complete.JPG Registration-Windows-2.jpg

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Annual Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Conference from Silvana
The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is perfect for bringing people together and an ideal host venue for our large conferences. Not only does it have 1,000 rooms, but its extensive meeting space allows for many branding opportunities. Shout out to Saman Design for creating excellent signage displayed at the CCPPP conference!

Welcome-to-Discovery-signage.jpg DISC.JPG

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), Discovery Innovation Conference and Trade Show from Catharine
The MTCC has been our trusted partner for many years. One of the conferences nearest and dearest to my heart was Discovery, a leading innovation-to-commercialization conference and trade show. For 14 years, the MTCC has been an invaluable planning resource with its in-house teams offering us their expertise and creativity to help make Discovery an award-winning, must-attend event. The MTCC is a wonderful venue. Even more amazing are the people who work there, who do everything they can to ensure a successful event. It is always a pleasure working with the MTCC.

Toronto Botanical Garden, Blossom Party Annual Fundraiser from Hanna
One thing I love most about aNd is the company’s philanthropic endeavors. In 2019, aNd offered its help and expertise to the annual fundraiser for Toronto Botanical Garden, a non-profit. Surrounded in beautiful gardens, the property is spectacular! Its event spaces are wonderful, especially the outdoor spaces that are surrounded by multiple stunning plants, flowers, and trees.


The Blue Vinny Diner, Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Conference from Rick and Sara
When in Calgary for the pharmacy conference, aNd always makes a trip to this diner for breakfast. It has a retro/comfy feeling as well as delicious, hearty menu options.

McMash t-shirt (2)
 Hanlan’s Point, McMash from Jan

One of the most memorable event locations in the 30+ years I have been involved, would be an event we did at the Island Airport for McDonald’s store managers from across the country. We turned Hanlan’s Point into a M*A*S*H Compound and dressed everyone up in khaki shirts and hats. As the ferries left the city, they really did look like troop ships with everyone on deck. The event was not without its challenges. A power line was cut during the installation of tents, effectively shutting down power to the entire island! At the end of the day, though, the event was a success, thanks in part to a very memorable location.

Favourite incentive trips through Dana’s lens

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

Malta & Gozo
You cannot talk about Malta without mentioning the amazing DMC team at Alpine Sterling Travel & Tourism – Warren Zahra’s hospitality is legendary. Through some colleagues from the Protocol & Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association (PDI-POA), we were able to have an audience with then-President of the Republic of Malta — Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.


Las Vegas, Nevada
Vegas never sleeps, but its early-morning sunrise time is so peaceful. We have done many programs in Las Vegas, both at ARIA Resort & Casino and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel. This photo was taken from my room at the Cosmopolitan.


Croatia & Bosnia
After a long night flight to Croatia, weather did not permit us to land in Dubrovnik, so we detoured to Split. The super organized DMC team at Intours arranged for a car to drive attendees to Sun Gardens in Dubrovnik. An hour or so into the ride, the driver asked for our passports as you need to drive a short way through Bosnia. Quick geography lesson: When the former Yugoslavia splintered into seven smaller republics, Croatia got almost 4,000 miles of Adriatic Sea coast dotted with secret beaches, tiny islands, and quaint Medieval towns, but Bosnia was actually able to keep a very small, but lovely part of Adriatic coast – so you actually travel into Bosnia to get to the other end of Croatia.  We arrived at the Bosnian border just in time to catch this view of the sunset.


La Paz Waterfall Gardens & Peace Lodge, Costa Rica
I captured this shot while the hummingbirds swarmed around feeders put out for them daily. A must-visit for nature, birds, butterflies, and frog lovers!


Budapest, Hungary
The city successfully mixes its fascinating  history with a genuine, laid-back, contemporary artistic style. There is a wide range of different things for visitors to see and do. From museums to thermal spas, wine tastings to ruin pubs – your top performers will feel appreciated!
Victoria-Falls-(Zambia).jpg African-Safari-(Botswana)-(1).jpg

Zambia, Africa
The five-star Royal Livingstone Resort in Zambia overlooking Victoria Falls is perhaps the world’s most spectacular waterfall. It is great to see the many wild animals roam about the grounds. But make sure to keep an eye out for cheeky monkeys! They loved stealing the yellow highlighters from our registration desk that was set up out on the back lawn.

Kyoto, Japan
A mystical and historical destination, famous for intricate temples, ancestral traditions, geishas, and stunning cherry blossoms. This location is a memorable trip for all.  Through the light snow you can see the blossoms ready to burst open.
Paris, France
During an early morning visit to Notre Dame Cathedral, I was able to capture the sun beaming in through the famous stain glass windows. It is heartbreaking to think that it is gone now.
Bertrand d’Aleman from My Private Paris is a gem.
Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

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