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Four Tips to Make Your Event Blog Posts Really Zing


We’re assuming you have an event blog

You may have noticed that we’ve opened with a huge assumption in the title – that your event website has a blog. We could write reams on why this is a good, and even a necessary, thing for you to do, but here are the top three reasons:

  • It’s another way to advertise your event
  • Your competitors for your participants’ time and $$s probably have one
  • People expect it

So if you’re going to invest the time to create a blog and post regularly, you might as well make the blog posts engaging and enticing. Here are 4 ways to do this:

Headlines that catch the eye

People usually read just the first and last few words in the headline, so these have to be stand-alone to draw people into your post. When scanned, this post’s title reads “Four tips blah blah posts really zing.” This is enough to help the reader decide whether the post is going to be interesting enough to carry on reading.

Feature graphic

A photo that relates to your blog post multi-tasks as:

  • An attention grabber for visually-oriented readers
  • A way to shorten the intro sentences and make them easier to scan when it’s placed at the top left or right of the first paragraph
  • A splash of colour on the blog page
  • An opportunity to bring in highlights of past events or to put faces to the names of your speakers

Solve problems, give advice, answer questions

Make the blog post useful by publicly answering any questions that you’ve received or giving the solutions to problems that some people have had. If your event preparation and registration is going so smoothly that no-one’s contacted you, come up with some potential questions yourself. Give advice for those participants who haven’t been to the area before (clothing for the weather, must-see local attractions etc) and for those who haven’t attended such an event, perhaps the protocol for networking.

Keep it short

The blog posts are there to supplement your event website. not to replace it or to repeat information. Feel free to link to any of the event website pages to expand on your posts or even to create a new page if you have a lot to write on a topic. Your event blog keeps your event web site from becoming stagnant; short, interesting and useful posts beat out long-winded and detailed texts.

If you’d like more advice on how to write your blog posts, download this white paper on Writing for Event Websites to Boost Registration.

Jim Romanik

Jim is the president and co-owner of ePly Services. While studying business, event registration was still largely a burdensome manual process and being one to always look for the most efficient way to do things, Jim envisioned an online process. What began as a business plan that he submitted for a course on entrepreneurship has gradually evolved into today’s system that simplifies the work of event planners throughout North America.