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Fall is in the Air…

slide_227113_989268_freeFall is in the air. And while I know each and every one of us is hoping for an Indian summer, we must face the facts people! Clients have missed their sweaters and boots, cider and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes – and are delighted to be pulling them out of the cedar closets. (Or ordering them at their favourite coffee shop.) So when they are planning their events this month, autumn is going to be a strong theme.

Autumn you say? I bet you’re picturing dried corn stalks, hay bales, and carved pumpkins. But those are the cliché fall decorations. There is so much more you can do with the autumn theme.

Let’s start with fall colours: golden yellow, burnt orange, deep red – the colours of changing leaves. These colours are rich and bold. They make a statement on their own, without the need for tacky set pieces. Using that as the springboard, let’s plan a casual weeknight networking dinner.

How about we place this event in the lobby of the Royal Conservatory of Music. The building is filled with floor to ceiling windows, so guests can enjoy the changing leaves throughout the evening. We’ll up light those trees with white LED lighting so the changing leaves can be seen, even when the sun sets earlier than expected.

Dinner should be food stations dotted throughout the room, featuring local, in season flavours: corn, beets and apples are just a few examples. A minimum of six food stations will be required, as we want guests to spent more time networking, and less time in line for food. The seating will be entirely made up communal tall tables and stools. This will allow guest to move freely, and meet new people throughout the night.

But what about those gorgeous fall colour you ask? The furniture will remain neutral, so the colours can pop. Colourful carpets will be placed under each table, colour blocking throughout the room in all three colours: red, orange, and yellow. Communal tables will be topped with florals in long, short, rectangular vases. Stick to the bold colours of fall by using dahlias, calla lilies, roses, ranunculus, and Gerbera daisies. Warm the room up with oversized lanterns placed along the bar and food stations, filled with glowing pillar candles.

And there you have it. By using some bold colours, warm lighting, and seasonal flavours – you have a contemporary networking event that doesn’t require you to carry around messy hay bales in the back of your car!

For more inspiration, check out the Pinterest board I created here:

Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth Nutting

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