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intr.v. ef·fer·vesced, ef·fer·vesc·ing, ef·fer·vesc·es

1. To emit small bubbles of gas, as a carbonated or fermenting liquid.

2. To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up.

3. To show high spirits or animation.

A few weeks ago I kept hearing the word effervescence. The first time you hear a word like that, it can glide past, unnoticeable. But if you hear it enough times in one week, you start to take note.

What a fantastic word: Effervescence. Bubbly. Light. Whimsical. It’s amazing how one word can spark your imagination.

Picture the Grand Foyer at the Carlu. Use its existing clean, sleek lines in the Art Moderne building accents. Create a wall in front of the elevators with 8” clear glass spheres placed to look like bubbles on the side of a champagne glass, disappearing as they reach the ceiling. Light them from below, with subtly changing colours so they look like they are moving. Greet guests with glasses of beautiful bubbling champagne as they enter the reception space. Rent gorgeous curved couches from Contemporary Furniture Rentals to create lounges at both ends of the lobby. Top the beautiful in house cruisers with three floral arrangements that are shaped to be perfect spheres, at varying heights. Place the cruisers in groups of three on round pearl coloured carpets throughout the foyer. Use the bubbles, without using bubbles. Use the shape, use the colours. Create an entire event out of just one word.


Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth Nutting

Elizabeth discovers inspiration in some of the most unusual places, and often feels an inexplicable compulsion to share that spark of an idea with the world. So go ahead and bring that idea to your next brainstorming meeting – that is what it’s there for, after all. Want to get in touch with Elizabeth? Contact her at Production Canada.
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