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6125729295_cf1f302938_mI have recently discovered the incredible world of Danish Modern furniture. It all started with a desk in a shop window while I was walking through downtown Vancouver. I spotted it immediately, and had to get closer. The elegant lines, the luxurious teak, and the sleek 1970s vibe: it combined all of my favourite things. Incidentally, I’ve always loved Danish Modern furniture. But I didn’t know what to call it. Luckily, this desk had a tag that identified it. And now, I see it everywhere!

Danish Modern is defined as a vintage style of minimalist wood furniture design; creating clean, pure lines based on an understanding of classical furniture craftsmanship coupled with careful research into materials, proportions and the requirements of the human body.

That said, it should come as no surprise that Contemporary Furniture Rental’s Elbow Chairs are one of my favourites. Or that Ikea’s new Trendig 2013 Limited Collection made me start thinking about purchasing an unnecessary new dining table. Not to mention the awesome Stockholm table and chairs that don’t look retro, but still match clean the lines of Danish Modern furniture.

So how do I incorporate the beautiful Danish Modern esthetic into an event? I make it an interior design event, of course. Let’s take the IDS Afterparty. Open to about 300 exclusive industry insiders, this event happens in January in Toronto every year. Let’s move this event into the Fermenting Cellar at the Distillery District, as I believe this raw canvas is the perfect background for such clean, linear lines.

Since this is entirely hypothetical, Danish Modern has made a huge comeback, and it’s the feature look of the 2015 Interior Design Show. So let’s showcase the IDS designers who are focusing on Danish Modern furniture. Use both troughs that flank the entrance to the venue to feature the furniture, installing it in a combination of traditional (on the floor, with table chairs and carpet) to a unique (at multiple levels in the air, at all sorts of unusual angles) way. Find a bar with beautiful wood legs, and a sleek metal top. Surround it with fantastic Danish Modern bar stools. Create an incredible ceiling installation above the bar, combining the wide variety of Danish Modern chandeliers. Build seating areas throughout the room, mixing and matching dining room setups with living room setups. Incorporate the unique Danish Modern art into each vignette.

Keep the colour palette minimal, with black, wood, and some metal as the accent. Surround the room with warm uplighting, to draw out the amber in the wood. No need for florals, only a warm candle glow throughout the space. Continue the retro feel with cool 70’s funk music in the background. And spend the evening luxuriating in the cool, clean, lines of Danish Modern.

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, check out the amazing array of Danish Modern design on my Pinterest board:

Photo Credit: Danish Modern Mid Century Modern Sectional Daybed Sofa by Kenny K

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Elizabeth Nutting

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