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Cotton Candy Christmas

This year, you won’t find traditional red and green or blue and silver at holiday parties. Instead, you’ll find pinks, purples, and turquoise! Suppliers are providing cashmere trees, ornaments, and huge finials in these unique colours. So embrace the change – and go bold in your colour choices for the 2013 holiday season!

Start by choosing an untraditional venue. Out with the stuffy banquet halls, in with the unique art galleries! Or, better yet – find a place like Metropolis Factory to juxtapose the candy clean colours with the old factory look.  Place three trees, differing in size and colour at the entrance to your party, greeting guests as they arrive. Roll out a hot pink carpet while you’re at it, and add white rope and stanchion to add to the class. Perhaps you even want a sexy greeter, welcoming guests with colourful martinis?

Don’t offer a boring rubber chicken dinner. Instead, offer guests a classy cocktail hour with fantastic hors d’eourves. Set up rectangular communal copa tables throughout the room, and top them with linens in complimentary colours.  Use white chrome bar stools around the tables. Place five beautifully wrapped small boxes in a line down the centre of the copas. Find wrapping paper in pink, purple, and blue metallic, topped with shiny silver bows.

Place LED lights at the bottom of the walls in your unique venue. Showcase the texture in the industrial walls by lighting them from below. Dot the room with flat screen televisions for any content you may need to showcase. Create content with strong, bold lines in it, using flat colours.

Get white patent leather tufted chesterfield sofas for your lounge spaces. Place them closely to create intimate conversation spaces. Jazz them up with pink, purple, and turquoise sequin covered pillows. Add a credenza behind the sofas, and top them with candy coloured lamps. Create a ceiling installation above all of your lounge spaces. Use an assortment of shapes and sizes in the finials that match the colour scheme. Place them in a clustered circle, at a variety of heights as if you are creating a chandelier. This will highlight the height of your venue, and add interest to the ceiling of the space.

Add a colourful candy table for dessert, hiring the specialists to ensure it works beautifully with the décor. Collect a number of unique jars and bottles to keep the look fresh. Ensure they are arranged in a variety of different heights. And get candy that matches the colours of your trees. This should be a showcase piece of the party, so it’s ok to spend a good portion of the budget on it.

When you are done, take a moment to look around. You’ve created a unique cotton candy coloured holiday party for your guests. The colours are guaranteed to be the talk of the party, and the memories will take a long time to fade.

Trees and Finials: Studio Specialties, The Pine Centre

Furniture: Contemporary Furniture Rentals


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Elizabeth Nutting

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