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Avoiding Event ‘Train Wrecks’

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 3.27.09 PMLessons from my playbook continue:

Things don’t often go wrong during events because, as a professional meeting planner, you are meticulous about the details. However, if your company has been organizing corporate events for years, sooner or later you may encounter an event mishap when something goes horribly wrong. Never fear, it doesn’t have to turn into a train wreck.

Throughout my years in the event industry, I have kept a playbook of not only the things that went right, but also things that went wrong. This way my team and I learn from our faults as well as our strengths.

Playbook lesson #53

 The day the teleprompter went down … and the back-up one too!

We were just starting to breathe easy with the sound, lighting and projection cues all synching up perfectly. And then the teleprompter went down. The presenter on stage started to stumble, but quickly regained her composure. “Switch to the back-up teleprompter,” I said calmly into the clear-com. “Not working either,” came the reply.

Time to implement Plan C! A podium with a printed script was brought on stage within seconds.

Lesson learned: Try to build redundancy into your hardware set-up (budget permitting) and, whenever possible, try to keep a good old-fashioned analog solution in your back pocket because computers can let you down even when you have a Plan B.

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Michael Caplan

Michael Caplan is the Creative Director and Producer at Sensix Communications & Events, a meeting and event production company that he founded in 1979, headquartered in Montreal.

Michael possesses a brand of creativity and vision that can only come with over 30 years of experience, constantly bringing the industry to new heights. He is recognized as a leader in his field, and was honoured with the Canadian Event Industry Award for Producer of the Year and continues to lead his team with innovative award-winning work.
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