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Zombie Fighters

Teambuilding concepts often need to be truly novel in order to connect with target audiences. Millennials, especially, respond best to out-of-the-ordinary learning experiences that flex their physical and creative muscles. Such as preparing for a Zompocalypse. Yep, that’s guaranteed to catch their attention! Zombie Survival Camp, around since 2013, tailors weekend-long and private day sessions for groups of up to 35, schooling them on how to shoot, slay, avoid, evade and outlive the undead. Base camps are located in Orillia, ON and Cardiff, ON. Private events can also be hosted in any forested areas around the city.

zombies-lgZombie Survival Camp

On the surface, zombie camp may seem superficially fun and entertaining. However, the facilitated survival skills workshops, including shelter and fire building, tactical communication and movement and self-defence, have very real lessons embedded that are transferable to real-life crisis. For example, fire and shelter building requires patience, determination, cooperation and creativity. Learning to sneak around tactically as a team requires discipline, trust, decisive action and problem solving. Lessons are put to the test in the culminating exercise: a zombie outbreak simulation with dozens of the undead invading the camp. Bring on the walking dead!


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