Teambuilding Activities

Stress Release

Swing and break or point and shoot? These Amazing Race-like perform-a-task-choices are actually stress-busting activities at Battle Sports, a recreational facility that houses Toronto’s first rage room plus an indoor archery range. If smashing stuff is your group’s style, then suit up for safety and enter the rage room where a plethora of glassware, china, chairs, printers (most popular!) and more await the swing of a bat. Accommodating two at a time, ragers-in-waiting watch the action via a live video feed.

Feeling sporty? Take to the archery field peppered with targets and obstacles. A 30-minute archery and safety lesson, bows, foam-tipped arrows and spongy weapons, arm groups of up to 30 for mission-style elimination games such as archery Dodgeball. “There’s a lot of teamwork and strategy required to eliminate the opposing team,” notes co-founder Tim Cheung. Cater in for drinks and eats in the observation lounge overlooking the field.

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