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Dog Days

Corporate-Canine-Therapy2Unleash a unique way to engage, reward and recharge staff and event guests by letting the dogs in! Corporate Canine Therapy (CCT), a one-of-a-kind Toronto-based wellness service, inspires feel-good connections by providing people with hands-on time with specially trained dogs in a workplace or event setting. The firm is almost a year-old. However, company co-owner Rodney Kaufman has been actively delivering the beneficial power of dog therapy for over four years of volunteering time with his Great Dane, Harlow, at a local hospital.

CCT’s roster of 25 dogs – from Bobo, a tiny Pomeranian fluff ball, to Bart, a big lovable Newfoundland pooch – and their handlers, make boardroom and desk visits for melt-the-stress away snuggles, ear scratching, hugs, licks and play. Studies show the benefits of incorporating therapy dogs into the workplace help facilitate employee productivity, encourage teamwork, reduce stress levels, and promote communication. Experiential dog visits also make for great ice breakers and fun down time at events. For example, CCT is doing three-day event next month where attendees will have the opportunity to relax between sessions in a special dog-zone staffed with eight of its four-legged pals. Depending on the size of the dog, up to 28 people per hour could potentially see/interact with each dog. We gotta get us some puppy love!

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