Food & Drink, Teambuilding Activities

Etc. May 2014

Snow Job

Snow cones are retro-cool, light, thirst-quenching treats that are easy to enjoy while wandering an event. Sweet Ice Snow Cones perfectly captures the nostalgia of the old-fashioned refreshment, infusing its sculpted ice mounds with all-natural syrups handcrafted from fresh, seasonal fruits, produce and organic citrus. Its luscious flavour menu includes strawberry lime, peaches and honey, raspberry green tea, and a decadent espresso option.

Co-owners Meg Makins and Lindsay Bishop cheerfully dish up the ice in classic white paper cones from a simple yet eye-catching station that’s customizable to theme. For cocktail hour at weddings and special events, consider “spiked” snow cones such as the Monte Cristo (espresso syrup with Grand Marnier and Kahlua) or Apple Jack (apple cider syrup with Jack Daniels). Straws provided for elegant sipping.

Art Social

Sipping a cocktail while painting a masterpiece while enjoying a party in an ambient setting sounds like a sure-fire way to get creative juices flowing and break the social ice! That’s the gist of Paint Nite, a social convening company that partners with professional artists in cities across North America who organize and lead public and private painting parties for groups of 25 to 250 guests. Toronto currently stages over 20 Paint Nite events a month.

Based on a minimum per person fee (excludes food and beverage, and venue rental), Paint Nite coordinates the two-hour event for date, time and venue of your choice – pubs and restaurants are perfect. The local artist sets up painting stations and supplies, and provides step-by-step instructions guiding participants in their creative renderings of the evening’s art sample. Lot’s of fun … no art experience necessary.

Silent Auction Aid

iBid offers online interactive bidding technology and services that replace the traditional pen and paper bid sheets used by silent auctions. The U.K.-based company, soon to be known in North American as Daana (website coming soon), helps increase the amount of money charities raise at fundraising events by offering easy, fun and exciting ways for guests to interact and pledge.

Working with fundraising organizers, the company provides support on many different fronts including the pre-event sourcing and collation of pledge items and development of bespoke online auction sites that encourage guests to browse items and place pre-event bids. On event day, guests use the firm’s touchscreen bidding tablets and standalone stations for item browsing and interactive pledging. Bidding action displays in real-time on live leaderboards that offer excellent sponsor exposure. The company also looks after winning bidder invoicing and payment collection.