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String Duo

Sometimes an event needs soft, classical background music. Sometimes it needs to strike a listen-to-me-now chord! Me & Her Cellos delivers both, from Bach to Led Zeppelin. Classically trained cellists Amber Walton-Amar and Darya Zonoozi aren’t your typical string duo. The pair, who met while filling in for one another on various gigs around town, bonded over their derring-do for pushing the envelope on their music and instruments.


Masterful performers, their repertoire, instruments and looks span genres, from classical to Top 40s pop, rock and electronic. Formally dressed and seated to bow traditional acoustic cellos for weddings and cocktail hours – check! Rocking it out in leather with LED-lit electric cellos on shoulder harnesses – can do! Fusion performances with a bit of both – yep! Their customized electric instruments – the lights are programmable to event colours – allow the duo to interact with guests while roaming the crowd, adding energy to the room with dynamic moves choreographed to the music. With collaboration ties to other musicians, Me & Her Cellos can also put together other event entertainment, from string quartets to small chamber orchestras, complete with conductor.

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