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Into The Mystics

Image courtesy of Inner Goddess TarotImage courtesy of Inner Goddess Tarot

No crystal ball necessary to forecast the two thumbs up that event guests give psychics and other soothsaying entertainment. We are all curious about what others perceive. Interactive psychic readings are not just fun but empowering, self-enlightening and great teambuilding opportunities.

Here’s a quick primer on a few fortune telling arts easily incorporated into events, the talented mediums who can deliver them along with some great planning tips:

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are beautifully designed with images rich in symbolism that resonates with folks. There are usually 78 per deck, comprising major and minor cards – sun, moon, lovers etc. – which are believed to give insight into your life energy, behaviour patterns, and where headed. Lori Lytle, Inner Goddess Tarot, who got her first tarot deck at 13, is a certified interpreter of the card spread that turns over from the shuffled deck in answer to a question that starts the reading. “The more specific the question, the more the specific the answer,” says Lytle. “If they like what they see, they should keep doing what they’re doing in life. If not, I give guidance on what they can do to change things based on the signposts I see in the cards.”

Planning Tip: Let guests know ahead of time that there will be a reader so they come prepared with questions, plus have a sign up sheet to keep reading times organized and flowing.

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Palm Readings

The lines in your hands — depth, length and shape — are said to tell a tale about your past and present, and hold insight into personality, potential, energy and gifts. The three major lines are the life, heart and head, with secondary lines revealing unique traits. “Palm readings make for ideal strolling entertainment,” says Linda Farron of Enchanting Fortunes, who brings a battery-powered light and personal amplifier to events. A gifted astrologist and tarot card reader as well, Farron believes in keeping readings positive and uplifting. “It’s about highlighting how much choice people have and that where there may be problems, there are also answers.”

Planning Tip: Advise psychic entertainers if there is an event or colour theme that could potentially be incorporated into costuming or props.

Image courtesy of Donna Seymour ArtsImage courtesy of Donna Seymour Arts

Aura Readings

It’s believed that all living things generate a bio-energy field that creates a perceptible aura around the body or object. That aura radiates out in colours from the body’s chakra centres. Clairvoyants such as Donna Seymour, Donna Seymour Arts, see, feel, and sense that aura deeply and visually. Using pastels, Seymour draws that energy on paper, interpreting the colours and how they may relate to the individual’s life. For speed at events, she typically uses a head and shoulders template that includes colour definitions on the back. “Aura reading portraits make great event ice breakers as guests take them back to their table and share what their aura says.”

Planning Tip: Lighting is important. Not just to spotlight and pique interest in the medium’s table, but also so that guests can see what’s happening in the reading.

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Handwriting Analysis

The way you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s” says a lot about you. While handwriting analysis can’t “tell” the future, the way we form and space letters does give clues to character traits and abilities that may influence it. “Handwriting is a paper mirror of your personality,” says certified graphologist Elaine Charal of Handwriting Analysis Toronto. Looking at an individual’s signature, plus a sentence they copy and one they compose, Charel speaks to inherent strengths, talents, energy and fears. “Add a marketing component by using corporate or event stationery for the analysis, and a customized sentence geared to brand or event message,” suggests Charal.

Planning Tip: Be cognizant of noise levels and acoustics. You want guests to properly hear their reading and ask questions without having to shout over the music.

Image courtesy of Tara TarotImage courtesy of Tara Tarot

Astrology Readings

We all know the Zodiac sign we were born under. Astrology readings chart how the positions of the sun, stars, moon and planets at time of birth shape our personalities and lives. Since the planets and universe are in constant motion, astrologists also analyze and predict the daily impact of that energy flux. “Even big business will often consult astrologists to help guide their investment opportunity timing and awareness of economic states,” says psychic astrologist Tara Greene of Tara Tarot. For events, Greene typically taps into her computer databank which contains the positions of every planet for the last century to create and explain guests’ astrology charts. The charts can be pre-branded for print out or emailing as an event takeaway.

Planning Tip: Consider offering astrology readings practiced by different cultures, such as Chinese, Indian or Tibetan, or weave in a few different psychic art options such as palmists, aura readers.

Image courtesy of The Rock StoreImage courtesy of The Rock Store

Runes Readings

Runes are the hieroglyphic letters of an ancient alphabet that originated in Nordic Europe passing on to Celtic traditions thanks to the Vikings. The alphabet includes 24 letters etched individually into a stone or wooden tile. Guests select the runes from a pouch and cast them onto a table for translation. ”Runes have a very masculine feel with messages that tend to be very direct,” says Samantha Chin of The Rock Store, a crystal healing and wellness centre that offers a team of psychic readers schooled in the different arts. “They may lay out in a sentence that helps direct the conversation or the symbols can be read to interpret answers to a question.”

Planning Tip: Don’t isolate psychic mediums, but do set them up at stations that offer some privacy. Many prefer a wall behind them to help contain their energy.