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H20 is an essential element of our being. No surprise, then, that it’s also a popular event theme. So, let the water do the talking where no one expects it! Tap the senses with pop-up water installations by Montreal-based Be Water. Brainchild of a Canadian-born-turned-Las-Vegas-FX producer and a technical engineering pro, Be Water interweaves sight, sound, touch, and, yep, smell if you want it, into mobile fountains anywhere – inside, outside … even in barren deserts!

bewaterBe Water

A popular, and cooling, attraction at events and festivals since its launch last year, the fountains are event-customizable – size, number of water jets, colour transitions and more. As art installations, interactive water games and for big reveals, they provide an impactful, ever-changing décor aesthetic and are a unique FX alternative to pyrotechnics. Once filled, the fountain pad has its own recyclable system so it requires no ongoing water source – just power. Switch between the “Chill” or “Excite” water-play modes according to the “flow” of the party. Or have a “water DJ” read the crowd’s mood, making the jet spray groove to the music.

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