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Etc. Sept. 2013

Olé To Pinãtas

Laura Kapel’s kids always have the best darn birthday party piñatas. Handcrafted by Kapel, the unique, colourful paper sculptures are a great source of mirthful, kid-friendly activity. With word of her piñata-making talent spreading, Kapel recently launched Mexikolor specializing in custom-made creations for promotions, corporate events and special occasions.

Using papier mâché, tissue or textured papers and cardboard, the piñata can take any shape or size – the largest to date was a 4 ft. Oh Canada! beaver. For branded creations, Kapel works with supplied artwork for detail and colour. Even durability is tailored to audience with adult piñatas strong enough to ensure everyone gets a good whack. Order a matching traditional piñata buster stick. Mexikolor’s website offers great filler ideas and a fascinating history of the piñata.

Cool Sandwich Treats

Photo credit Jonathan LungPhoto credit Jonathan Lung

Cookies, cake and ice cream capture fond childhood memories in a nutshell. Sweet Sammies taps into our favourite things by layering flavour-loaded ice cream between delectable baked goods, A gourmet take on Eskimo Pie, Sammies creator Sanober Motiwala marries her science background with a refined sweet tooth for taste and texture perfection in 3.5-in and two-bite servings.

Fresh fruit and premium ingredients go into the all natural, handcrafted, small batch ice cream and fresh baked brownies, cookies, macarons and cake. Irresistible combos include roasted banana ice cream sandwiched between chewy peanut butter milk chocolate chip cookies. Debuting this fall, pumpkin squash ice cream between ginger cookies. For catered events, order a selection of Sammies or set up a DYI station with fun toppings and sauces. Custom shapes and edible logos also available.

No Allen Key Necessary

Paper furnishings … who would have thought possible? Our Paper Life did in creating a line of desks, shelves and partitions made from water-resistant 95% recycled, compressed cardboard. Shipped flat-packed, weighing only 7 lbs, the furnishings are quite the engineering marvel with a weight-bearing capability of 95 lbs. One skid is all it takes to ship hundreds of desks and shelves to an event site.

Affordable (volume order desk prices start under $20), durable, 100% recyclable, and brandable, the furniture pops together like a simple origami template, requiring no tools, glue or screws. Assembly takes only three minutes. Use once and throw in the recycling bin, or flatten and store for reuse. Ideal for trade shows or filling a meeting space with rows of desks. An in-house design team will customize size and branding. Available in a selection of colours.