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Colour(s) of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

eac8f76ca8e71c2e166604e1e302488fWhen the 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year was announced, I was disappointed…to say the least. Now, you’re talking to a girl whose house is filled with saturated colours. And I thought that 2016 was finally going to be my year. I could not have been more wrong.

Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue:
It’s not just one pale pastel colour, it’s two. And they are two colours that scream baby shower. Luckily, they also depict calm. Peace. They have an ethereal quality to them. I think they work well…if used in moderation.

29fff73de1ec87402207c01544cb078dLet’s start with the venue. These colours need room to breathe and grow. So we need a completely blank canvas. In that case, I think our event needs to happen at The Loft at Andrew Richard Designs. This entire space is whitewashed, lending to lots of freedom for our pale tones.

The event begins when guests are picked up by white Bentleys and brought to the venue. A white carpet invites them into the space as butlers dressed in white tuxedos (with pink or blue pocket squares, of course) greet them.

Inside, the room is left wide open to breathe. No need to place any drape at all. The furniture is strictly white. Multiple small lounge spaces are placed throughout the room, allowing guests lots of places to mingle. Use a mix of the elaborate tufted and Victorian furniture found at Divine.

e6f066b8a501d81efa8a0757e75ae149Embrace the residential look, turning each and every one of those lounge spaces into a living room. Grab some rose gold accent pieces – candelabras, frames, mirrors, and place them sparingly throughout your living room. Hang soft blue shams on the couch. Grab a rose quartz faux fur carpet to grace the floor. Nothing needs to match, so take your time searching for your various accent pieces.

25669e3fb00a0c8ba07b90f51af334abDespite the eclectic collection of decor, the flowers must be hydrangeas. Antique hydrangeas have a touch of blue and pink in them. They could not be more perfect. Be big and bold in this statement only. Create hydrangea runners for the console tables behind the couches. Create long and low centerpieces for the coffee tables. Using these hydrangeas is the easiest way to get these pastel colours in the room.

And there you have it. An event using the colour(s) of the year. Embracing them in all of their pastel glory. And adapting them to create a chic cocktail reception for adults rather than a baby shower for fraternal twins.

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