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2015 Weddings

Flowers by <a href=>Coriander Girl</>. Photo by <a href=>Jenn Kavanagh</>” title=”&nbsp;Florals: <a href=>Coriander Girl</a>. Photo: <a href=>Jenn Kavanagh</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Florals: Coriander Girl. Photo: Jenn Kavanagh

February is the month of love. Which means Cupid sent his Valentine’s message to many couples that it’s time to start planning wedded bliss nuptials.

What’s in store for lovebirds tying the knot this year? Check out the following wedding event trends and ideas:

Hues That Woo

Pantone forecasts cool and soft with downplayed brights, pale pastels and nature-inspired neutrals. Wedding and event florist Coriander Girl sees pretty palettes with shades of green and pink blush trending as popular colour themes, especially for summer nuptials. Pair with stylish metal accents of gold, silver and coppery rose.

Florals & styling: <a href=>Gorgeous Events</a> and <a href=>Fabulous Occasions</a>. Photo: <a href=>Krista Fox</a> ” title=”&nbsp;Florals & styling: <a href=>Gorgeous Events</a> and <a href=>Fabulous Occasions</a>. Photo: <a href=>Krista Fox</a> ” class=”box” /><small style=Florals & styling: Gorgeous Events and Fabulous Occasions. Photo: Krista Fox

The Blooms

Big blooms continue to rule bouquets and centrepieces, filling them out with garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas and dahlias. Profiles take on a looser, slightly cascading effect. Decorative accents also rely on flower power with garland swags, lush wreaths and impactful floral walls. Margaret Corrigan of Gorgeous Events says floral chandeliers especially are a great choice for adding a touch of whimsy and an instant canopy of pretty. The look works well with simple, low-lying table centrepieces.

Venue: <a href=>Cambium Farms</a>” title=”&nbsp;Venue: <a href=>Cambium Farms</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Venue: Cambium Farms

Raw Venues

Brides continue their love affair with rustic heritage spaces like the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District. The earthy, organic look and feel of exposed bricks, original beams and aged wood provide a striking canvas contrast for wedding party décor. Barn-like spaces, such as Cambium Farms, are also popular ceremony and reception choices.

Invite & Photo: <a href=>Paper Damsels</a>” title=”&nbsp;Invite & Photo: <a href=>Paper Damsels</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Invite & Photo: Paper Damsels

Fonts Rule

After a few seasons of fun, quirky invites featuring stylized images of the happy couple to-be, wedding stationery is moving towards letterpress elegance and calligraphy art featuring a beautiful marriage of fonts. Personalized monograms are also trending, says Michelle Sciberras of Paper Damsels, embellishing everything from invites to wedding favour labels.

Styling & furniture: <a href=>Warehouse 84</a>. Florals: <a href=>Ooh La La Designs</a>. Photo: <a href=>Green Autumn Photography</a> ” title=”&nbsp;Styling & furniture: <a href=>Warehouse 84</a>. Florals: <a href=>Ooh La La Designs</a>. Photo: <a href=>Green Autumn Photography</a> ” class=”box” /><small style=Styling & furniture: Warehouse 84. Florals: Ooh La La Designs. Photo: Green Autumn Photography

Props & Finds

Vintage themes and crafty DIY accents power on for their ability to bring a relaxed yet studied elegance of “upscale laissez-faire,” especially to outdoor and rustic settings. Antique markets are a great source for unique pieces, however, rental firms such as Warehouse 84 specialize in unusual props and old-style furnishings. Currently in demand: Anything with brass accents and antique lounge seating, classic French provincial sofas and parlour chairs in particular.

Photo & Chalkboard art: <a href=>The Lettering Studio</a>” title=”&nbsp;Photo and Chalkboard art: <a href=>The Lettering Studio</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Photo and Chalkboard art: The Lettering Studio

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard signage, written into the whole vintage, rustic movement as a must-have, shows no sign of letting up. Toronto artist Barbara Kua of The Lettering Studio says chalkboard art is an easy way for couples to put their stamp on the occasion with personalized messaging and helpful wayfinding signage. Go school-time simple or set off fanciful writing in decorative frames.

Chair caps: <a href=>Have A Seat</a>” title=”&nbsp;Chair caps: <a href=>Have A Seat</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Chair caps: Have A Seat

Chair Options

While chair covers still have a place on the wedding scene with whimsical organza wraps, ruffled edges and ribbon tails, the linen and décor specialists at Have A Seat point to chair caps as a fresh new way of dressing up seating. Like a fashionable sweater shrug, the caps cover chair tops with fabric options from lace and fur to textured and bejeweled linens. Chivari continues its run as a top chair-style choice.

Photo: <a href=>L’eat Catering</a>” title=”&nbsp;Photo: <a href=>L’eat Catering</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Photo: L’eat Catering

On The Menu

Farm-to-table ingredients and seasonal dishes are menu musts for gourmet-loving couples. Interactive food stations are also growing in popularity, says Deirdre Anderson from L’eat Catering. Think masterfully curated themed food stations, including sweet tables. Bites are small, often playing up a comfort food angle such as upscale grilled cheese. Presentations are culinary works of art with fare beautifully plated for individual servings ideal for easy grazing.

Cake: <a href=>Custom Desserts by Michelle</a>. Photo: <a href=>LV Imagery</a>. Stylist: <a href=>Blush & Bowties</a>” title=”&nbsp;Cake: <a href=>Custom Desserts by Michelle</a>. Photo: <a href=>LV Imagery</a>. Stylist: <a href=>Blush & Bowties</a>” class=”box” /><small style=Cake: Custom Desserts by Michelle. Photo: LV Imagery. Stylist: Blush & Bowties

Eat Cake

Fancy wedding cakes with artful fondant swirls and sculpted embellishments are getting fierce competition from naked cakes. According to Michelle Schiewitz of Custom Desserts by Michelle, the beauty of these minimally frosted tiered creations is the simple aesthetic elegance of the luscious layers that their bare sides reveal. More than half of the wedding cakes she has booked so far for this summer are naked.

Cotton candy: <a href=>Fancy Pufs</a>. Photo: Alexandra Deluca” title=”&nbsp;Cotton candy: <a href=>Fancy Pufs</a>. Photo: Alexandra Deluca” class=”box” /><small style=Cotton candy: Fancy Pufs. Photo: Alexandra Deluca

Unique Touches

Brides continue to search for unusual ways to wow guests, whether it’s offering tasting flights of themed liquor such as bourbon to cocktail hour served from food trucks. Or how about a sweet treat wheeled out to the dance floor? Fancy Pufs, a division of Sincerely Yours Event Planning, is a cute mobile cart that spins melt-in-mouth cotton candy in an intoxicating array of flavours. Serve the all-natural, organic sugar clouds in cups, on sticks or as a fun cocktail topper.