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I’m a Belieber…

Though I have no formal training in marketing, I have always had a great love for branding.  I use “love” because “love” has become such a key ingredient in brand loyalty.
Over the years I have paid close attention to many hot brands – especially to what those brands do to warrant consumer attention.
On a recent trip through Argentina I was pleasantly surprised to see a few Canadian brands whose power reached as far as South America.  MAC Cosmetics had kiosks in 3 major upscale shopping malls and we saw a McCain Truck (the Canadian potato family) on delivery in a small town outside Buenos Aires.
Those were nice to see but what surprised me most was the power of a young Canadian boy that transcends into something supernatural.
While sightseeing, we came across a group of Beliebers, clad in purple t-shirts that professed their love for the Bieb!  The frenzy began when one of the young girls noticed I had a Canadian flag pin on my knapsack.   The crowd increased around us.  More and more tweens decked out in purple gathered closer to us with questions about Canada (Did we know Justin? Did we listen to his music? Did we know where Ontario was?)  They told us how Justin Bieber had recently played 2 sold-out concerts with 160,000 plus fans.  Some were wearing the Canadian flag as a mini-skirt around each of their tiny frames.  Soon the cell phones and digital cameras were snapping photos of us and chants of “VIVA LA CANADA” echoed around us.
We finally escaped the gaggle of giggling girls with this odd feeling – we had been made Beliebers and we were extra proud to be Canadian that day.
So listen up all you Canadian tourism offices – better start building a museum or a theatre or a gallery or maybe even a shrine.  The Beliebers are coming to Canada – no expense will be spared, no travel too long, no climate too cold – nothing can stop them in their quest to be one step closer to this Canadian Heartthrob.
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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