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Tech Savvy Trick…

Sometimes I wish I was more of a cool tech geek.
New devices, programs and apps are launched each day – how do you keep up?  Becoming tech savvy won’t happen overnight and keeping on top of new products and breakthroughs is an on-going exercise.  I’m hoping to share some tech tidbits with you every few weeks in an effort to stay current myself.
Here is one that will help with presentations when you just can’t meet face to face.  You can create simple and straightforward video tutorials or an elaborate screencast demo on a new product you’re launching.
This is not just for geeks –the demo is easy to follow which makes it so simple.  Anyone can learn to use it in minutes.
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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Dana Zita

Establishing aNd Logistix Inc in 1993, Dana is known for her energy & often outspoken zeal in attempt to improve the industry for future event planners. She combines a no-nonsense management style with a passion for creating the ultimate WOW for her clients.

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