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Increase Registrations With a Top Ten List

top10You’ve worked hard on your event website to describe the speakers and the schedule, the practical aspects of the venue and you’ve focused especially on the benefits to the participants of attending your event. But sometimes it’s the little reasons that swing the balance of potential participants’ decisions to register.

Making a Top Ten list of reasons to attend your event attracts people’s attention on several levels:

  • people love lists and can easily and quickly read them
  • you can include the smaller details not found elsewhere in your promotional material
  • you’re able to cover a wide range of interests in a small text space

There are two steps to brainstorming your Top Ten list.

First, create a list of all the things that you feel are attractive about your event. Then, put yourself in the shoes of a potential participant and imagine the information that they might want to know.

Use the categories below to focus your thoughts or come up with others of your own. Aim for at least 20 reasons, keeping them as short phrases. It’s easier to do this in a group, but if you get stuck, look at other events’ websites to see what they’re offering.

For example:

Geographic location

  • natural scenic beauty
  • an excuse to come to [insert name of great city]
  • opportunity to visit specific local attractions


  • free networking events
  • “meet the vendor” suites and marketplace
  • meet up with current clients

Entertainment and fun

  • organized field trips
  • door prizes
  • banquet

Physical facilities

  • 24 hour gym
  • free wi-fi
  • fridge in room
  • free parking
  • free airport shuttle
  • discount on hotel rooms


  • free speaker sessions
  • CE credits available
  • be the first to see/hear….
  • learn new industry trends
  • world-class keynote speakers

When you have written down a reasonable number of points, choose the top ten. Select one or two from each of your categories to ensure that you cover a wide range of interests — you never really know what potential participants are looking for. Use these reasons in your promotional material — they’re great for Twitter and Facebook, and fit nicely into boxes on your web pages or event newsletter.

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Jim Romanik

Jim is the president and co-owner of ePly Services. While studying business, event registration was still largely a burdensome manual process and being one to always look for the most efficient way to do things, Jim envisioned an online process. What began as a business plan that he submitted for a course on entrepreneurship has gradually evolved into today’s system that simplifies the work of event planners throughout North America.