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I find inspiration in Steven Tyler….

Ideas come to me all the time – watching TV, out for a morning walk, listening to music and reading movie reviews.  One client even asked if I had an auto-switch in by brain that empties out old ideas to make room for new ones.
If you are looking for inspiration for themes ideas for an upcoming event, there are 2 movies out later on this year that might do the trick.
Great Gatsby
 Though not out until next December, the remake of the Great Gatsby movie featuring Leonardo diCaprio is already stirring up buzz.  For a party theme, think opulence and allure.  Black and White glossy fixtures including vases and plates can add a shine and update that old 1920’s flapper theme.   Serve champagne along with white and black iced cupcakes.
Adding an old style photo booth makes for a fun activity and a great keepsake of the festivities.  If asking guests to participate in theme, give them plenty of choices for attire (i.e. black and white, pearls and bowties) or try to save some budget money to provide white boas or pashminas for the ladies and tweed or hounds tooth news caps for the gents.
(I love this photo of Carey Mulligan – the new movie will feature amazing costume designs with a flirty edge.)
Rock of Ages
This movie is pulling out all the stops and because it stars Tom Cruise, along with a slew of other celebs, the press coverage and far reaching appeal will automatically make it the main chatter around the water cooler (and the music is awesome too).
Reception Activities could include several tattoo bars, including Henna tattoos and body jewelry.  The reception area could also include a glam prep area with glitter, colored spray for your hair and outrageous neon toned make-up to get wild with your look!
Here is where Steven Tyler comes in.  I would like to see a Steven Tyler outfit come to life as table décor.   His leopard skin sequin pants as a table linen, his flamboyant ruffled shirts as a chair covers and his glittering jewelry as table bling.  I will let you know when I have all the elements in place for this idea – I will make it happen!
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

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Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

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