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How do you measure LOYALTY?


BTW – A big THANK YOU for all the wonderful people who bought turkeys from us last week for Second Harvest. The aNd team sold 97 turkeys in 4 hours. The turkeys are distributed to local meal programs and food banks so thousands of hungry families will receive a nutritious meal this holiday season.

How do you measure LOYALTY?

Thursday’s USA Today featured an article on how US airlines are reconsidering how they gauge frequent flyer value. Because statistics show that collecting frequent-flyer points is the most popular perk to flyers, the debate is still up in the air about how best to reward loyalty – miles vs. fare.

Air Canada has worked on a tiered based loyalty structure for a few years now, the more you pay the more miles you get as your reward.

Coincidentally I was on a flight from New York to Hong Kong yesterday, so I had lots of time to think about the changing face of loyalty.

Will changes to how airlines change what is highly touted program change how we consider reward clients, suppliers and even staff for their loyalty – will we look for longevity, continued support or how much money a contract, client or team member bring us? We have always believed in building our fan base – so how do we reward fans who support us via word of mouth referrals to colleagues they know even though they may not bring us any direct business?

Send me your opinions or comments – I’m interested in what you think.

Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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