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Cooking up some new ideas

With the popularity of cooking shows and reality cooking escapades, celebrity chefs are just that – CELEBRITIES.
Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate this cooking craze into your next event:
–   Here, your guests actually don aprons and work side-by-side to help the chef with the cooking.
–   Within a demonstration kitchen, your group watches and listens while the chef prepares a meal right in front of everyone.  You can pair this with a wine tasting if the event is more social in nature.


–    I’m a huge fan of Good Earth and recommend it to clients often.  (checkout  the photos or our day at Good Earth)
Keynote Presentations:
–  Many speaker bureaus are listing celebrity chefs on their rosters.  Chefs are passionate, run their kitchens like iron ships and many are experienced entrepreneurs who can touch on many motivational themes.
–   Check out Speakers Spotlight – they boast a variety of cooking experts including T.V. personality David Rocco.
–   Or take a look at Roger Mooking’s Recipe for Success presentation, listed on the NSB site –
Even having a celebrity chef at one of your food stations during a reception or serving up gourmet burgers at your company picnic is a welcome surprise for any party goer.  No matter what the method, celebrity chefs are engaging, humorous and can add a playful flavour to any event.
How to choose the right chef? Keep these points in mind:
·         It is important that the chef possesses a strong television personality to create a buzz amongst your invited guests and the media.
·         The chef needs to have a book, television show or signature product lines as this helps add to the excitement.
·         Including a complimentary autographed cookbook for all your guests adds longevity to the experience
·         Try to match the chef to your theme – if you are concentrating on a “local flavour” try to get a chef that specializes in foods from that particular city or region.
·         Many chefs support their favourite charity and if your event has a philanthropic component that matches a certain chef – you have a winning recipe.
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

Dana Zita CSEP, CMP

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