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Brilliant talent on display at Royal Jubilee Concert

We all know that the behind-the-scenes crew of sound, lighting and special effects, rarely gets the praise they deserve but I was so blown away by the Queen’s Jubilee Concert this past week that I had to give a big shout out to all the amazing talent involved with this incredible event.

The world (literally, since millions watch on broadcasts from around the world) descended on Buckingham Palace, while millions more jammed the Mall and surrounding parks, watching the concert live on giant screens.
The concert was organized as a joint venture between the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and Take That singer-songwriter Gary Barlow, who spent two years planning the event.  I was a bit surprised the BBC’s involvement was so extensive (Let us just say that I never thought it would be what a “weary” national broadcaster would do best).  I was wrong – the event was anything but lackluster.
Thanks to dramatic special effects, the royal residence’s facade was magically transformed into a whimsical backdrop for an array of music legends.   (The line-up included the most diverse array of UK talent – Elton John, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, Annie Lennox and Paul McCartney, plus a few imports like Stevie Wonder)
Understandably the Queen wore earplugs.  Her tastes lie more with the best of classical music which also played a big part at the concert, in the form of opera star Alfie Boe, soprano Renee Fleming and virtuoso pianist Lang Lang.
Mark Fisher – who has toured with the Rolling Stones and U2, putting together their monumental stage shows – was responsible for the event’s staging and lighting, including the specially constructed theatre-in-the-round stage with canopy that was built incorporating the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.
Meanwhile, pyro technician Michael Lakin who is the firework director at Starlight Designs from London was the man at the controls for the incredible final four-minute fireworks display using some 4,000 fireworks, fired off in 2,000 individual cues.
Both men are well-known events professionals at the very top of their respective games, staging events across the globe for the world’s biggest organizations and acts.
Small photos would not do this spectacle justice, instead I found this great article from the UK’s Daily Mail that has a wide assortment of photos showing the fireworks, the screens up the Mall, the incredible stage and the projection on Buckingham Palace. 
Worth a few minutes to take a look at –
I can’t wait to see what London pulls off for the Olympics!
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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