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25 Years in Event Trends

What a throwback moment it was when we were asked to contribute trends, then and now, for the 25th anniversary issue of the TSE Guide. It was hard to narrow it down to a few, but here are our top picks.

If there’s one common theme, it’s how technology has impacted our industry.

1. A/V — Oh how you’ve changed!
When I started in this business we were still loading slides into projector trays to build main-stage shows, and breakout presenters often printed onto transparent plastic sheets laid on an overhead projector. We’ve even moved on from death by PowerPoint!

Technology has evolved with LED screens, projection mapping, and live streaming for real-time access to events, and dynamic content we can update with one click. We’re now firmly immersed in an exciting era of real-time storytelling with an emphasis on visually compelling information.

2. Online and mobile have completely transformed the event game
Today’s device-centric, online world makes for seamless, convenient connections and transactions, including 24-7 payment capabilities. Event registration technology has gone online and mobile, too, enabling speedy check-ins without the lineups.

Conference apps also allow us to offer instant updates, intuitive access to content, social and networking interfaces. We know that attendees are utilizing multiple devices at events and our Internet capabilities are designed to meet those demands. Oh how far we’ve come since the dial-up days.

3. The emphasis on data has allowed us to personalize events
Data collection now goes beyond having the ability to customize agendas and schedules to curating experiences based on attendee interests. It allows for real and authentic connections to be made throughout an event, tailored to each guests challenges and interests.

Catering images courtesy of Daniel et Daniel and Toben Food by Design

4. Technology and a world designed around sharing
Our social-media driven world now rules most event elements, especially catering and design. It’s definitely brought the foodie movement to the forefront of events, and with it the demand for immersive culinary experiences and Instagram-worthy shots for capturing and sharing. Same goes for entertainment and décor, with guests seeking interactive and dynamic backdrops and activations designed for posting on social media.

Speaking of food, healthy options are no longer boring. Remember the days when one salad was the only dish available for vegetarian guests? We’re now building entire menus around international cuisine and exciting farm-to-table options., often plant-based.

With all the evolution we’ve seen in the last 25 years, we can’t wait to be part of shaping events in the years to come!


Trish Knox

Trish has been turning her clients' event vision into reality for 18 years. Known for continually pushing the envelope both strategically and creatively, she has set the bar for helping clients effectively engage with audiences. With more than 25 years in marketing, Trish's career includes a combination of both agency and client experience that proves invaluable when operating in the corporate environment. She has guided clients through some of their most sensitive and high profile programs. Trish applies a thoughtful, unique approach, while embracing new ideas and blending the latest industry trends to all event programs. She has developed event programs for leading corporations such as Avaya, Facebook, Canadian Tire, Dell, D2L, Microsoft, Salesforce and Softchoice. Her event experience crosses the corporate spectrum including the management of large scale conferences, national roadshows, trade show booth design, award galas and C-level customer engagement events. Trish works in conjunction with the client to position the company as forward thinkers and leaders in innovation.

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