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Uber Moves Events

How do you transport guests from A to B? Let us count the ways: Limos. Taxis. Buses. Vans … and Uber. Yes, Uber now has wheels in this industry’s business, further upping its driving game with Uber Events. Just like it’s regular ride-hailing service, Uber Events is app-based, providing event organizers an easy way to bulk purchase passes and specify when and where to deliver guests.

Uber-EventsUber Events

Simply choose how much you want to spend on each ride and designate the number of rides available to each guest. Once purchased, email guests the pass code for use in their Uber app. If the actual trip cost exceeds the value issued, the balance is the rider’s responsibility. If no rides are used, then only the initial set-up service fee is charged. Easy, flexible and efficient especially since there aren’t any transportation rentals waiting around with the clock ticking if the party runs late.

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