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After spending 15 years collectively working for large staffing agencies, both as temporary event help and as recruiters, Renée Laviolette and Rina Schaefer had the inside scoop on what reliable, quality event personnel must deliver.

RnR Staffing & ConsultingRnR Staffing & ConsultingEarlier this year, the pair brought their experience together launching RnR Staffing & Consulting, a boutique staffing agency. Providing national coverage, the Toronto-based firm is garnering a solid reputation for its staff roster, handpicked through careful interview screenings and trained in best-practice service and promotion. The agency specializes in all staffing needs, from banquet servers and conference-registration help to brand ambassadors and guerrilla marketing teams.

“Staff can make or break an event, so hiring the right team should never be an after thought,” says Laviolette, who offers the following advice for ensuring events put their best face forward:

  • Volunteers are not staff: While volunteers are vital to events, having even a small core team of paid support can often make the difference in guaranteeing commitment in the reliability department.
  • Have back ups: Include one or two additional staff as spares in case of last-minute issues beyond control such as illness or lateness due to transit or traffic delays.
  • See beyond the image: Hiring based on personality fit rather than a head shot is often a better approach to ensuring an event or brand is properly represented.


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