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Safety first applies to all event-planning details, from choosing structurally sound venues and ensuring all equipment and cables are securely affixed to keeping capacity at code and identifying food allergies. Having a first-aid station staffed with professionally trained medics is also a must, especially for large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events. Spectrum Event Medical Services has three levels of on-site medical teams including Emergency First Responders, certified paramedics and advanced-care paramedics. In addition, Spectrum offers a transfer service for transporting guests with non-life threatening injuries to a centre for further medical attention.

Sepctrum Event Medical ServicesSpectrum Event Medical Services

Daniel Awadalla of Spectrum Event Medial Services shares the following planning tips for shoring up event safety:

  • Identify the risks: This includes assessing the location, nature of event, activities planned, size of crowd and demographics.
  • Share the safety strategies: This includes training staff/volunteers on emergency protocol, equipping team members with mobile devices and ensuring first-aid areas are properly signed with on-site crews clearly identified.
  • Evaluate effectiveness: Safety plan effectiveness should always be part of an event’s post-mortem to determine what worked and areas that could be improved.

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