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According to recent statistics tattoos are in, peaking mainly among millennials, but ink regret is growing, too. Toronto-based Inkbox is on trend with the ideal solution – the two-week tattoo. Events, especially, are well-positioned to capitalize on an Inkbox tattoo’s temporary staying power. Using a proprietary organic fruit-based formula, the ink patch takes about 10 minutes to apply with a damp cloth. The realistic, but temporary tattoo appears within 12 to 24 hours and lasts two to three weeks, much longer than a traditional press-on or airbrush. Along the lines of the event wristband you forgot to take off or the-morning-after nightclub stamp, a sudden tat appearance begs the question: “Where’d you get that from?”


The company, which began as a Ryerson University Fashion Zone startup by brothers Tyler and Branden Handley, has grown with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Celebrity investors include Survivor’s Jeff Probst. Over 300 designs are available for online ordering, including some cool Toronto tats. The ink can also be purchased in needle-tipped bottles for freehand application. The ability to custom create designs or upload artwork is launching soon. A percentage of Inkbox sales go to a charitable initiative that supports the indigenous tribes in Panama credited with discovering the fruit ink.

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