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Tableau-1Where does your event’s drinking water come from, a bottle or the nearest tap? Tabl’eau Filtered Water ensures thirst-quenching needs are met and served in the most environmentally friendly, stylish way possible, while eliminating plastic from the H20 equation. The Toronto-based firm specializes in a unique water dispensing system for offices, hotels and hospitality businesses, and for event-use rental. The attractive water bars tap into an onsite source or a portable water reservoir to filter-pour chilled still or sparkling water with the minimum carbon footprint.

Brand-wrap the water bars for use as self-serve stations or staff with a water sommelier serving flavoured sparkly or still. Added value are the system’s striking aqua-coloured drinking carafes, available in two sizes, and glassware. Handcrafted in Mexico using recycled glass, the drinkware is beautiful displayed on the water bar, on dining tables, even at the speaker’s podium. Laser-etch with the event name, a sponsor logo, a themed message, etc., and order in bulk as takeaway gifts. Tab’leau also offers other environment-smart brandable drinkware, including The moj’eauTM Bottle, a silicone-stainless steel refillable bottle, and The sol’eauTM, a reusable, shatterproof tumbler that’s perfect for outdoor events or venues where glass is not allowed.

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