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If you thought balloons were just for décor, think again. Edible Balloons Group blows up helium-infused sugar-based balloons that not only make for novel eating, but also bestow guests with a hilarious voice-changing experience for a whole other dimension of entertaining fun! The deliciously cute, seriously social-media worthy dessert treats inflate into a wide range of your-choice flavours and colours and are attached to a candy or chocolate pretzel stick. Licensed events can even make them cocktail strength.


The airy confections are made on the spot – about six per minute – at an interactive food station equipped with a portable stove top and helium tank. They’ll stay inflated for about 30 minutes, making for a tantalizing display for guests to help themselves. The company’s balloon “chefs” cheerfully coach guests on eating techniques that maximize the chipmunk voice FX. Resulting visuals and video are so share-worthy! Available in different sizes, the company can also prepare its balloon cuisine for plated table service as a unique, memory-making dinner course.


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