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Rockin’ The Sushi

There’s a reason why there are so many sushi shops around. It’s healthy, easy to eat, exotic and folks simply love it. For Chef John Hoffman, his fondness for sushi became a business venture during a dinner party while living in Los Angeles. The sake-fueled make-your-own-unique-sushi evening with friends led to the launch of Roll This Way Sushi. After professionally mastering the craft and growing the business, Hoffman brought the mobile sushi station concept back to Toronto, that launched last year.

Roll-This-Way-Sushi-1Roll This Way SushiThe specialty catering company offers interactive sushi rolling stations, staffed and beautifully designed with live-edge wood. Hoffman, who is also a musician (prone to breaking into rock n roll tunes, btw), engages guests with lively banter and a passionate description of ingredients and techniques while rolling and serving. The menu includes the classics plus unique signature rolls. In addition to the live prep and serve station, there’s also the option for guests to try their hand at perfecting the art of sushi-rolling. The company also partners with a couple of local sake sommeliers for a paired tasting experience.


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