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Campari grapefruit and mint, peach raspberry lemonade, cherry bourbon sour, strawberry milkshake. Get lickin’ with these and a whole lot more yummy popsicle flavours from The Pop Stand. “Popsicles are universally appreciated,” notes owner and head popsicle chef Kari Marshall. “They make everyone feel fun and five again.” Fresh ingredients like fruit, natural juices, herbs, yogurt and other goodies go into The Pop Stand’s vast, inventive menu of luscious popsicles and freezies. They can even be tailored for diets with low sugar and nut-free versions.

In addition to catering and retail orders, the company works corporate, social events and marketing events, festivals and farmer’s markets. Cute red-and-white polka dotted ice cream carts with umbrellas, stand-up coolers and branded freezers make stand-out serving stations. The popsicles are as versatile as they are beautiful, especially when it comes to creating custom colours and flavours and showcasing special ingredients for branded promotional activations. There are also poptails for adults that include alcohol, just enough so that it won’t impact freezing. Or simply invert a popsicle into a cocktail for the most delicious ice cube ever. A raspberry hibiscus popsicle in a glass of Prosecco? Um, yes please!

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