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Oh Shucks!

Freshly shucked oysters add a je ne sais quoi to events. Oysters XO Toronto puts a spin on the traditional raw bar station with Oyster Guys and Gals, dressed in event-themed outfits, mingling and mixing among guests while shucking and serving the tasty bivalves from a bucket belt around their waists. Fun! Innovative and interactive, the unique culinary service is available in 12 North American cities including Toronto where they’ve shucked for events like TIFF and work hotels and the suites at the Air Canada Centre.

Oysters-XOOysters XO Toronto

Serving cocktail-sized East and West Coast oysters, the roving servers are engaging, roaming the room with their serving belts filled with oysters, tools and condiments. And they’re fast, shucking up to 150 of the ocean delicacies an hour while sharing their knowledge along with fun oyster facts and anecdotes. The company also offers an event-adaptable class that teaches guests how to shuck oysters while enjoying the results of their new skill.

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