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Maple syrup + snow = pure Canadiana. Whether it’s January or July, Sixty Six Brix’s sophisticated snow-filled stations elevate our nation’s signature sweet into elegant frosted maple treats. New to the event scene, owner Mimi Ashi produced Ninutik Maple Sugar’s popular products and events for five years until its recent closure. “I love doing these stations for the sheer enjoyment and guest reactions when they see the snow effect on sugar,” says Ashi, who named her company after the measurement at which sap officially becomes maple syrup and Toronto’s “six” moniker.

Sixty-Six-Brix-image2Sixty Six Brix

Ladling pure Ontario syrup reduction onto food-grade snow, Sixty Six Brix brings maple sugar to life in a few different ways. There’s the Maple Six, a beautifully presented sweet and savoury station with one-bite pairings of three Canadian cheeses – mild, medium and bold – artfully wrapped, à la minute, in frosted maple. Add a curated selection of beer and wine into the tasting experience for further adult-like appreciation of maple syrup. Guests can also roll their own taffy into maple bites on a stick. Equipped to handle multiple stations and events, Ashi, a pastry chef, has plans to expand the interactive deliciousness with future confectionary and dessert innovations.


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