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From Gifts To Grazing

Savourly-SocietyFunny how businesses start. When Sandy Badesha hit a dead end shopping for an appropriate thank you for her boss, she ended up designing her own gift – a beautiful box filled with gourmet items. Savourly Society was born. Since launching just over a year ago, the company has added catering to its food gift items, with gorgeous charcuterie boards and grazing tables piled high with one-bite deliciousness. “The grazing trend began in Australia and is now hitting North America,” notes Badesha. “Grazing tables bring an entertainment element to events, and are excellent conversation starters as guests hover around the table eating and discussing the bounty on offer.”

Savourly Society’s gift boxes are available in three sizes, customized to tastes and diets, including the keto and paleo diets, gluten-free, etc. Filled with fresh ingredients and artisanal products, sourced locally when in season, the boxes also make for great catered picnic or lunch boxes for events. Multi-layered charcuterie boards can be ordered to feed up to 28 people per board. Grazing tables are ideal for large-crowd gatherings, an artful presentation of fresh and savoury items, including warm appetizers. The company also provides eco-friendly dinnerware that’s sustainably produced and compostable.


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