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Mixology is an art and a science. For Drinksmith’s Stefano Pilla, cocktail culture is also interactive culinary entertainment. Pilla and business partner Danielle Yoon, who met bartending at The Spoke Club, founded the craft cocktail catering company to develop customized drink menus and tastings for restaurants, social and corporate events. “Our mission is to personalize the entertainment value in cocktails by making drinks memorable. Guests remember things that taste good,” says Pilla.

Drinksmith’s Danielle Yoon

Tasty cocktails they are! Made from scratch, Drinksmith steps up the classics with infused syrups and spirits and food-inspired ingredients that echo flavourful dishes. One signature sipper, the Black Samba, a bourbon, cherry juice and chocolate creation, evokes black forest cake in a glass, while an olive oil infused barrel-aged vodka, lemon and chili Caesar tastes like a Caprese salad. In addition to custom drink development and consulting, the company can orchestrate on-site event libation experiences including supplementing the regular bar with an interactive standalone Drinksmith station, staffed by one or two of the city’s bona-fide bartending stars serving personalized cocktails, plus offer fun tutorials and tastings.

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