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Standout Promotional Ideas

Mercedes meets Fresh Inc. MehndiMercedes meets Fresh Inc. Mehndi

As consumers hit marketing overload from an ever-growing barrage of sources and channels, creating traffic-stopping brand awareness for your company, product or event requires fresh, out-of-the box thinking.

Here are a few distinctive ideas guaranteed to put customers hands-on with your message:

Artful Ink

Gift guests with the Bollywood glamour of stunning, intricate henna designs that ingeniously incorporate a logo or message. Fresh Inc. Mehndi’s team of artists brings their henna skills onsite to events and product promotions. Working freehand with fresh, organic henna, the uniformed designers custom-create unique patterns and replicate logos for 10 to 20 people per artist per hour depending on art complexity. Lasting up to two weeks, guests become a walking billboard for your brand. Glitter and jewels give the artwork extra sparkle.

Up In Bubbles

The sky's the limit for attention-grabbing marketing with FlogosThe sky’s the limit for attention-grabbing marketing with Flogos

Using custom-made moulds, a patent-pending bubble generator and specially formulated soapsuds, Flogos Canada floats your logo into the uncluttered canvas of the wild blue yonder. Releasing one “flogo” every 40 seconds (use multiple machines to increase frequency), the fluffy, environmentally friendly cloud-like logos hold their shape for up to 30 minutes, traveling as high as 5,000 ft. and as far as 30 km. For a grounded promo kick, skirt the flogo machines with promotional signage and distribute branded giveaways.

Brand Quenchers

Private labeling from Liquid PromoPrivate labeling from Liquid Promo

Wrap your brand around refreshing drink giveaways. Liquid Promo specializes in custom-labeled beverages (energy drinks, energy shots and water), shrink-wrapping bottles with a PVC sleeve for slick-looking, seamless 365-degree branding and messaging. Upload artwork to the company’s online template or have their graphics department design. Custom coolers to keep the bevies chilled are also available. Minimum case orders are attractively low. A soon-to-be installed in-house printing system promises 24-hour service. TCS Direct Inc. is the Canadian distributor.

Pop-up Marketing

Steel Space Productions helps promotions pop up anywhereSteel Space Productions helps promotions pop up anywhere

Who knew a hulking steel box could be one of today’s hottest marketing stars. Fueled by the trend to temporary pop-up shops, promo kiosks and restaurants, Steel Space Productions converts 20-year plus sea shipping containers into clever, mobile, self-sufficient branded venues. Totally customizable from graphics to architectural design and technology, the easily transportable, weatherproof boxes can be rented or purchased in 10-ft., 20-ft. and 40-ft. models. Steel Space can also assist in strategizing and creating the signage and decor that make your box a branded home.

Customized Edibles

Designer Cookie Boutique & Bake Shop makes branding edible Designer Cookie Boutique & Bake Shop makes branding edible

Event goers love sweet treats! Happy to indulge are Designer Cookie Boutique & Bake Shop’s talented pastry chefs, masters at whipping up delicious branded confections. Their signature is printing on fondant rather than traditional frosting paper, tastily replicating any logo, photo or message on cookies, chocolates, cakes and cupcakes. Consider customized chocolate lollipop bouquets for centre table, or hand out chocolate or cookie business cards and seating placeholders. Specialty packaging wraps it all up.

Beyond T-shirts

Ideavation outfitted client's Bud Light Cruise Ideavation outfitted client’s Bud Light Cruise

Ideavation takes branded apparel to the next level with custom-designed outfits for event talent, staff and field reps. The promotional product specialist’s head-to-toe gear adds even more clout to experiential marketing campaigns, reinforcing theme, logo, messaging and corporate colours through the design of the clothes or event uniform. Even the company’s t-shirts can be branded to the hilt with QR codes to scan for additional information, and custom hang tags and printed labels that tell a story and raise awareness.

Sing It Loud

Song Division gets teams writing and singing with purposeSong Division gets teams writing and singing with purpose

Who could ever forget the lyrics to a song they create? Memory-making music and words are the creative medium for Song Division’s interactive teambuilding workshops that lead audiences in writing songs with purposeful messaging around a company, a product or a brand. Working with professional musicians with impressive street cred, the lyrics are set to original music with teams performing in concert. Now that’s branding harmony! Sessions can range from 15-minute ice-breakers to full-day experiences.

Light It Up

AirMagic Special Effects fires up logosAirMagic Special Effects fires up logos

AirMagic Special Effects creates crowd-pleasing brand spectacles with custom-designed fx including pyrotechnics and lasers. For instance, project a logo in laser lights and, as it seemingly floats in space, set it spinning to music. Or fire up a pyro frame with the company name spelled out in grand finale fireworks. For branding ambience, AirMagic reinforces corporate colours by adding dye to existing water features or bringing in a few hue-tinged fountains of their own. Coming soon: Water mist curtains with logo projection capabilities.