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PartyPix works with your event branding to create memorable takeawaysPartyPix works with your event branding to create memorable takeaways

In this age of selfies, Twitter and Instagram, a photography component at your event is a must if you want to guarantee guest engagement that takes on a life of its own over the social media network.

Here are five ways you and your guests can say cheese and share, whether on the spot or post-party:

Snap Happy

From the classic curtained photo booths to strolling paparazzi-style photographers, PartyPix offers several options for capturing guest images and event action. An iPad-powered photo-sharing kiosk invites guests to easily share photos from an event via email, Facebook and Twitter. For an immersive experience, a green-screen studio places guests into distant destinations and action-packed, scene-setting backdrops. On-site photo printing in various layout formats ensures your logo is on the takeaway images.

Slow It Down

Shooting at 240 frames per second, Slomobooth is a fun, new take on guests hamming it up for the camera. The slow motion video booth requires simple set up of a backdrop canvas that fits up to a dozen people, and a videographer, who directs the antics. Props are key (streamers and silly string are very effective in slow motion, btw!) and can be customized to theme. A large-screen monitor lets everyone watch the slow motion playbacks instantly. An edited version, set to music, is ready for sharing within two weeks.

Speaker’s Corner

Soapbox Photo Booths offer still and video optionsSoapbox Photo Booths offer still and video options

Place a photo booth in the main drag of your event space and they will come—guests by the dozen to interact and record the moment, plus spectators to watch the action. Soapbox Photo Booths offers stylishly sleek digital touchscreen units. We love the company’s video version, which lets people hit start and then record live messages and testimonials until the timer dings. The still photo unit offers an insta-print feature for customized take-home memories. A kiosk add-on enables on-site social media sharing. Rental fees include a complete DVD of images or video.

Hashtag It!

SocialMediaLiveFeed.com lets you share event action in real-time SocialMediaLiveFeed.com lets you share event action in real-time

Put your event images into the social media stratosphere with an interactive live feed such as SocialMediaLiveFeed.com from the photo and video specialists at 45 Productions. With an account set up, the company’s software lets you create a slideshow of Instagram images pulled from your event-personalized #hashtag for projection on on-site display monitors. Promoting the hashtag to attendees encourages everyone to start taking pictures and posting them to the Instagram feed for real-time sharing. Features include moderating capabilities, allowing you to preview images before they hit the big screen.

Bird’s Eye View

Skymotion Video is perfect for sky-high shootingSkymotion Video is perfect for sky-high shooting

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a photo drone! Skymotion Video brings aerial angles into panoramic focus with “helicopter” cameras that fly at low and high altitudes, indoors and outdoors. Remote controlled from the ground by a pilot, the camera streams a live feed giving you creative direction over the shooting. The eye-in-the-sky adds a whole new dimension to corporate and tourism videos, documentaries, films and television.