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When NOT to plan your meeting …

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.56.20 PMA major part of our job is to visualize and plan for every single detail of a corporate multi-day meeting. Presentations need to be scripted, supporting images woven in, and everything rehearsed to perfection by presenter and techs alike.

It’s also a good idea, though, to incorporate a window for unplanned content; an opportunity to demonstrate that two-way communication channels have been at play throughout the event.

I’m referring specifically to the closing plenary session — the final get-together to wind up the group one last time before sending them off on their mission.

Of course there’s the agenda, meticulously prepared in advance with important content including hitting hard with the final take-home message. But it’s also a good idea to add in a segment to this final session that reflects and shares points of common interests and concerns that your audience has raised.

How do you do this?

Make time to listen to your reps or delegates during the conference.

Find out their hot buttons, their reaction to the new corporate vision, sales target and any other subject of community interest.

Try going beyond digital channels and take advantage of the event’s face-to-face opportunity to start conversations and tap into feedback. One way is to organize a breakfast or lunch that gives people a chance to express themselves with executives (consider personal round table discussions). Then debrief.

It’s amazing what your audience may have on their minds that you could never have predicted during the planning phase.

Summarize the main points of interest and insert this segment into the closing. All you’ll need is a simple slide on the pre-designed conference template and a 10-minute rehearsal on site.

Result: It’s amazing how effective it is to get people to pay attention to your message when you actively demonstrate that their point-of-views are important, being heard and respected, too.

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Michael Caplan

Michael Caplan is the Creative Director and Producer at Sensix Communications & Events, a meeting and event production company that he founded in 1979, headquartered in Montreal.

Michael possesses a brand of creativity and vision that can only come with over 30 years of experience, constantly bringing the industry to new heights. He is recognized as a leader in his field, and was honoured with the Canadian Event Industry Award for Producer of the Year and continues to lead his team with innovative award-winning work.
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