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PhotobyWayneIn this social media-driven world, there’s never a short supply of images #hashtag-streaming from events doing a great job of enticing guests to get snap happy with their mobile devices. But photos taken by party-goers don’t replace having the event professionally chronicled. That’s where event photographers like Photobywayne come in. Wayne (first name only), a seasoned news photographer, has years of experience covering events, from trade shows and festivals to charity fundraisers and the corporate world.

Event photography is an often-overlooked element in the overall planning strategy or a line item nixed by budget constraints. However, hiring a professional photographer is worth the investment, as the images feed not only an event’s real-time social channels and post-event media promotions, but they also build a multi-purpose library of high-quality, curated photos to use in marketing collateral for the next event, to recognize sponsors, as material in corporate reports, etc. “Good event photography finds a balance between capturing attractive visual images while communicating purpose and story,” notes Wayne, who has covered top events in the city including the recent Canadian Sustainability Conference and an architectural exhibit launch at Ryerson University (pictured). His words of advice when it comes to hiring an event photographer: Provide as much background as possible on what the event is about, where it will be held, who are the key participants, and a shot list of must-have images.

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