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Trade Show Traffic Stoppers

Make a booth glow says Heintzman Productions Make a booth glow says Heintzman Productions

A lot goes into participating in a trade show. From exhibitor fees and pre-event marketing to the cost of designing an a-v savvy booth plus the staffing hours to man it, simply getting to the show is a big investment.

And once on the trade show floor, how do you coax the crowds in and make them stay a while – long enough to clinch a potential customer?

Try any one of these attention-getting ideas:

5 Visual Tips

Over 15 years in trade show design has taught event producer Marion Heintzman, Heintzman Productions, more than a few secrets to putting your booth’s best visual face forward when enticing people to enter. “Less is always more in ensuring your brand or logo pops – don’t junk up the joint,” says Heintzman. “Don’t make it look like a booth, ambient lighting is key in making it glow warmly from across the room, include a statement piece whether it be florals or a distinctive fixture, and incorporate a unique piece of furniture as a welcome desk near the entrance.”

When phones die, Charge Bar becomes an essential serviceWhen phones die, Charge Bar becomes an essential service

Keep The Connections Alive

Power up attendees’ mobile devices with an in-booth cell phone charging station. Charge Bar offers several rental options including a retro mobile phone-shaped unit with connections to charge 18 devices – all styles — at once. Twenty percent faster than wall plug charging, the booth is self-serve. Use the waiting time to strike up customer conversation and draw attention to product and branded company info playing on the 26-inch LCD media player screens that front the “juice” bar.




Manual Labour Coffee's mobile cafe is distinctive lookingManual Labour Coffee’s mobile cafe is distinctive looking

Coffee, Tea & Talk

Draw trade show walkers in with a whiff of java and promise of (free!) caffeine. Manual Labour Coffee’s mobile coffee “shops” are attention-grabbing with either a hip pop-up brew bar or a 1969 Bailey caravan, both retro-styled as 1950s kitchens. Engaging baristas serve hot and cold espresso-based drinks, scrumptious home-baked cookies and seasonal sippers such as coffee pop. Tap into the coffee klatch nature of espresso-chillin’ attendees.

Page Activations' photo booths do more than just take picturesPage Activations’ photo booths do more than just take pictures

Attention Snapper

People love taking selfies, especially today’s FaceBook and Tweet-savvy generations. Page Activations makes photo shoots happen with several different photo booth designs geared to fun, real-time logo branded prints, customer data capture and instant social media sharing. Freestyle it with an open-concept kiosk where up to 10 enthusiastic photo subjects at a time can strike a pose against custom-designed settings, green screen, or your booth backdrop. New is the Studio, sleekly wrapped in corporate branding. Inside the light-flashing, music playing curtained photo station, customers choose one of four interactive on-screen photographers to take their picture, then instantly post it for pals to see.

Few can resist a Petite & Sweet self-serve sweet tableFew can resist a Petite & Sweet self-serve sweet table

Sweet Treats

Sandwiches, crepes and other catered creations are great food for thought, but a decadent self-serve candy and dessert bar draws attendees like bees to honey. Petite & Sweet will bake and style a colour-popping, flavour-tantalizing sweet station themed to brand and product. Along with delectable macaroons, frothy two-bite cupcakes and pretty confection-filled jars, consider adding healthy options like custom-made granola bars and fun smoothie shots. Don’t forget to logo the takeaway treat bags.

Brand Walter's Shoe Shine Parlour's mobile event standsBrand Walter’s Shoe Shine Parlour’s mobile event stands

Value-added Polish

Buff up customer service with an on-site shoe shine station. We love the classic industrial look of Walter’s Shoe Shine Parlour’s mobile stands to help snare face time with potential clients. Position the seats within sight lines of a product demonstration or video presentation plus pre-promote your trade show presence with a complimentary shoe-shine invitation. Branded shoe care products are ideal giveaways guaranteed to be kept and used.


Phosphorous Media's interactive content is attention gettingPhosphorous Media’s interactive content is attention getting

Digital Dreams

Fill your booth’s video walls and LCD screens with show-stopping custom-designed content that engages customers with interactive experiences and learning. Phosphorus Media’s digital experts design Hollywood-calibre creative that wrap your brand and product in stunning visual FX for touch screen presentations and animated displays. Mobile apps for contests, unique digital signage, gesture-based walls and floors, and animated presentations are among Phosphorus Media’s repertoire of great ice-breaking information-delivery and conversation-starting tools.

Reznick Carpets specializes in event carpet rentalsReznick Carpets specializes in event carpet rentals

Underfoot Grabbers

Reznick Carpets just released four new lines of event carpets designed to give your trade show setting an eye-catching foundation. Among them, vibrant solid hues that shine and glitter like a sea of sequins, tone-on-tone carpeting sculpted to look like you’re walking on water, and a range of rustic, earth textures. Invest in long-term custom-made carpets that can include interactive designs such as a hopscotch game, or mix-and-match rug colours, textures and patterns from Reznick’s rental inventory for a unique look.

Former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is with Speakers' Spotlight. Photo courtesy of NASA  Former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is with Speakers’ Spotlight. Photo courtesy of NASA

Celebrity Meet & Greet

Give your booth star power with a celebrity guest appearance as brand ambassador, or for autograph signings, live chats and demonstrations. Speakers’ Spotlight offers an extensive client roster filled with home-grown entertainment, sports and media personalities plus connections to blockbuster talent from around the world. Match-make appearances to theme, purpose and budget.



Live painting artist Carlos Delgado is a crowd magnetLive painting artist Carlos Delgado is a crowd magnet

The Art Of Service

Inject energy and excitement into your booth with a live art performance. Colombia-born, Toronto-based artist Carlos Delgado’s rapid style painting and bold, colourful brush strokes are true crowd pleasers. Arrange for a themed series of lightning speed masterpieces or a large canvas mural that springs to life over the course of the trade show enticing attendees back again and again to view the progress. Auction off finished pieces for charity, or use as prizes for an in-booth contest.

Airbrushing4u personalizes giveawaysAirbrushing4u personalizes giveaways

Customized Giveaway

Give your branded takeaway added keepsake longevity by customizing it with an airbrushed design of attendees’ choosing. At Airbrushing4u’s mobile art stations, artists work quickly to personalize any product canvas including t-shirts, tote bags, hats and more. Services also include airbrush tattoos, body art and live airbrush painting demonstrations.