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It’s near impossible to take your eyes off Miranda Cobbett and Ryan Scott, better known as Acro Buddhas. Fusing the ancient practice of yoga with acrobatics, the talented duo move with sensual, other-worldly synchronicity powered by incredible strength, balance and Zen. The pair, who have a huge Instagram following, are mesmerizing to watch as they fluidly transition from one Cirque de Soleil-like pose to another. Their performance is a love story in motion narrated through graceful athletic dexterity.

Acro Buddhas

With backgrounds that span dance, yoga, cheerleading and personal training, the performers are uniquely artistic, gracing event and festival stages with moves and costuming that command attention. In addition to event work, the couple share their training and wellness approaches through workshops and retreats both here and abroad. Try it as a team-building activity with connection-based partner yoga tailored to all levels with some introductory acro yoga moves. The session is designed to give participants a new-found sense of unity and a heightened awareness of balance, alignment and trust.


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